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not sure this was mentioned...also not sure if I can go...

>The Pacific Film Archive @ the Berkeley Art Museum is presenting
>Cinemath, a film festival of mathematical-themed works. This Sunday's
>program is especially interesting, since Ron Graham is expected to be
>there in person... drop me a line if you'll be there too. -- Rohit
>PS. Anyone else planning on the Vintage Computer Festival @ Ames as well
>on Sunday? http://www.vintage.org/
>N Is a Number
>George Paul Csicsery (U.S., 1993)
>Introduced by Ron Graham
>Ron Graham holds the world record for the highest number ever used in a
>mathematical proof, known as Graham's number. A former president of the
>American Mathematical Society, he is currently Chief Scientist at UC San
>Diego's California Institute for Telecommunication and Information
>Technology. Graham was a close friend and collaborator of Paul Erdös;
>his introduction will touch on Erdös's career and the making of N Is a
>A man with no home and no job, Paul Erdös was the most prolific
>mathematician who ever lived. A wandering genius, Erdös, who died in
>1996 at the age of eighty-three, spent his life engaged in a cosmic
>struggle to uncover truths hidden by a stubborn adversary - God. In N Is
>a Number he describes this metaphysical duel with the same wry humor he
>applied to politics, relationships, and death. Following Erdös through
>four countries to discover what makes mathematicians tick, the
>documentary presents his mathematical quest, its personal and
>philosophical dimensions, and the tragic historical events that molded
>his life. Animated sequences help enliven the kind of mathematical
>problems Erdös pursued, offering further insight into a man once
>described as "the prince of problem solvers, and the absolute monarch of
>problem posers."
>*	Photographed by John Knoop. (57 mins, Color, 16mm, From the artist)
>PFA PLAYDATE: Sunday October 27, 2002, 5:30PM
>Gustavo Mosquera R. (Argentina, 1996)
>Artist in Person (tentative)
>The desperate search for a missing subway train carrying over thirty
>passengers is at the center of this allegorical thriller. Produced by
>students and faculty at the Universidad del Cine of Buenos Aires,
>Moebius involves the young mathematician and topographer Daniel Pratt,
>whose search for the missing train leads him to evidence that suggests
>the train has plunged into another dimension and will run undetected
>through the tunnels of Buenos Aires's sprawling subway system forever.
>Informed by the disappearance of thirty thousand people during the
>bloody national purge carried out by Argentina's military dictatorship
>in the 1970s, Moebius is a subversive and technically dazzling film that
>appeals to both the intellect and the imagination. - San Francisco
>International Film Festival
>*	Written by Mosquera, Natalia Urruty, based on a story by A.J.
>Deutsch. Photographed by Abel Peñalba. With Guillermo Angelelli, Roberto
>Carnaghi, Annabella Levy, Jorge Petraglia. (88 mins, In Spanish with
>English subtitles, Color, 35mm, From the artist)

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