[Seth-Trips] Share-in reminder [katina@eff.org: [E-S] EFF Music Share-In 2002: Party in the Park!]

Nick Moffitt nick at zork.net
Tue Sep 10 16:07:33 PDT 2002

begin  The ASCII Floating Head of Seth David Schoen  quotation:
> > > Where: Music Concourse Bandshell in Golden Gate Park, near the Japanese
> > >             Tea Gardens between MLK Drive and JFK Drive
> > 
> > Take the N Judah.  Catch BART or the 14 mission to downtown and then
> > take the N Judah from civic center.  Get off perhaps around 9th and
> > Irving and walk into the park.
> That's how I got to the Share-in last year, but the event this year is
> at a point quite a bit further west.  (I haven't looked up the cross
> street yet.)  Even if the N is best, I'm sure it would be more
> practical to ride it past 9th and Irving.

	It's not that much further west.  The japanese tea gardens are
at about 11th avenue.  the N goes up judah at 9th, so you'd be gaining
a block to lose one.

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