[Seth-Trips] Open Hardware single-board computer demo, Monday, Mountain View

Seth David Schoen schoen at loyalty.org
Tue Dec 9 23:22:41 PST 2003

Speaking of fun things in Mountain View:


This is a computer fabricated (as far as I can tell) exclusively from
components _whose complete designs are freely, publicly available_.
It's useful for embedded systems projects and other applications.

Most remarkably, its CPU is impemented using a completely public design
(not just public specifications, a public _design_).


What's more, it can run Linux.  Apparently the era of open source
hardware design has arrived.  (This project is part of OPENCORES, a
group of people who are publishing freely available, collaboratively
developed designs for modern digital hardware components.  These, in
turn, can be fabricated in programmable logic devices.  But if you
don't like how they work, you can change the design before fabricating

One of its designers is going to demonstrate a prototype of this
device at the Freedom Technology Center in Mountain View on Monday
evening.  (The Freedom Technology Center is accessible by Caltrain.)

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Hey !

The demo is on Monday 15th Dec at 7PM at

Freedom Technology Center


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