[Seth-Trips] Burning Man

Praveen Sinha ampere at swcp.com
Sun Aug 15 20:22:54 PDT 2004

Depending on circumstances that I will know by the middle of the week, I
may be going, and would like a road partner (or two) going out.  I can
probably swing camp arrangements if needed at one of a couple of places,
depending on noise reqs :).

On that topic, if anyone knows of anyone needing a perl/C/unix/web/data
mining/bioinformatics hax0r, pseudo-massage therapist, or calculus tutor
for extremely short term gig (like maybe 8 hour of work) to help me raise
the money to get the tickets, let me know ;)


On Sun, 15 Aug 2004, Seth David Schoen wrote:

> I'm not planning to go to Burning Man, but my friend Anna is thinking
> about it.  I'd like to try to get an inventory of who else is going
> who might be able to advise Anna on making the trip.  Is anyone here
> going to go?
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