[Seth-Trips] Burning Man

Sunah Cherwin slippery at pobox.com
Mon Aug 16 10:30:11 PDT 2004

At 12:03 AM -0700 8/16/04, Sam Phillips wrote:
>On Sun, Aug 15, 2004, at 17:42 PDT, Seth David Schoen wrote:
>>  I'm not planning to go to Burning Man, but my friend Anna is thinking
>>  about it.  I'd like to try to get an inventory of who else is going
>>  who might be able to advise Anna on making the trip.  Is anyone here
>>  going to go?
>If she needs advice, then I have plenty having gone for several years
>now.  Most of what someone needs to know can be found in the Burning Man
>survival guide:
>     http://www.burningman.com/preparation/event_survival/index.html
>Notable event this year: Mister Bad and Maj will be getting married at
>Burning Man at Spock Mountain on Wed at sundown.  Of course this is
>probably only interesting if you know Mister Bad.

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