[Seth-Trips] Edward Tufte, Stanford, December 8, Free

Seth David Schoen schoen at loyalty.org
Fri Dec 3 14:21:41 PST 2004

Riana Pfefferkorn writes:

> On Thu, 2 Dec 2004, Ren Bucholz wrote:
> > Aaron was kind enough to point out that this lecture is at CalTech.  
> > Driving to Pasadena would be an epic trip for a free lecture:)
> You could also visit the Huntington Library, a stone's throw from Caltech 
> in San Marino:
> http://www.huntington.org
> The botanical gardens (including the new Children's Garden) will probably 
> be fairly plain at the moment, but the 
> Huntington's permanent collection on display is a treat: it features 
> Shakespeare first folios and the Ellesmere MS of The Canterbury Tales, 
> among other delights. The current exhibits might be to your liking as 
> well. The buildings and grounds are beautiful even in winter.

Does anyone want to make a plane trip to the L.A. area to do this (not
in time for the Tufte reading, but in general)?  Typically Southwest
is now charging $39 each way to LAX if you book far enough in advance.
So it looks like a roundtrip would be about $80.

I was just thinking about how little tourism I've done around L.A.

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