[Seth-Trips] tonight

Sunah Caroline Cherwin slippery at pobox.com
Sun Feb 15 18:11:35 PST 2004

Well, several of you are going to Noe Venable here in the East Bay, 
but I am actually going to San Francisco tonight, to the Bill 
Plympton thing.

Sunday, February 15   STARTING  at 8:00 pm 

NIK PHELPS AND THE SPROCKET ENSEMBLE present a special show featuring
  works by BILL PLYMPTON  set to original compositions by NIK.  BILL and
  NIK will give a special demonstration of drawing and music and then BILL
  will regale you with tales from the world of animation.

  CLUB MIGHTY 119 Utah Street at 15th Street in San Francisco

So...I plan to go and eat first. If someone in San Francisco wants to 
eat with me, that will both motivate me and improve my evening, as 
well as yours, I hope. Any takers?

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