[Seth-Trips] Mike Taht has a party, Saturday

Seth David Schoen schoen at loyalty.org
Fri Feb 27 10:30:47 PST 2004

I can't make it to this party, but it's going to be honoring EFF, and
we are very honored.

>From: Mike T?ht <m at taht.net>
>Date: February 27, 2004 1:54:02 AM PST
>Subject: Party Feb 28-29th near Santa Cruz and in the Blogosphere
>Most of you don't know me, I confess to being a bit gnome-like. The 
>last time I came out of my cave was to help pack the courtroom when 
>the Andrew Bunner case opened.
>I spent a lot of time afterwards spreading a lot of memes around on 
>the subject, hoping something would stick in the public mind.
>I fought a war against what the Home Recording Act became in 92, and 
>lost. I fought for a web of cybergraphic trust, and we ended up with 
>Verisign. I fought for dedicated IPv6 addresses, and we ended up with 
>dhcp at the end of every DSL line. Worse - The last couple years 
>seemed like setback after setback for the prospect of digital sanity 
>in copyright -
>I'd fought every way I knew how, from writing code, to running an ISP, 
>to sending something like 20,000 emails in 2000, to blogging - and I 
>felt like I was giving speeches to treestumps.  Frankly, by last year, 
>I was tired, and I had given up.
>I'm glad you guys kept on fighting. Four long years, man. Wow.
>The dismissal of the Jon Johansen and Bunner cases in the past few 
>months were like spring opening up for me, and I decided I would find 
>some unique way to celebrate it.
>I have supported the EFF's efforts for 10 years, and I have only met 
>some of you in meatspace twice. That's too long.
>So I am throwing a party this weekend, Feb 28-29, and I'd like any of 
>you that can make it physically to come on down to the Lompico Valley 
>(near Santa Cruz, Ca) for a night of music, technology, pgp 
>keysigning, and stargazing. Please pass the invite along, and backblog 
>See: http://www.picketwyre.com/party - and the blog with current 
>status is at http://the-edge.blogspot.com
>I have arbitrarily renamed Feb 29th as Asteroid Appreciation Day - 
>because some good things only come by every four years.
>Look forward to meeting y'all.
>Mike Taht
>CEO, PicketWyre Labs
>PostCards from the Bleeding Edge (http://the-edge.blogspot.com)
>PS I know most of you are too far away to attend (feel free to attend 
>virtually!), but if you are awake in the early morning, Feb 29th - 
>look up, shake your fist at the stars, and howl at the moon, 
>remembering songs like:
>and remember that sometimes, that howling at the moon - *works*.

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