[Seth-Trips] CFP2004, Berkeley, April 20-23

Seth David Schoen schoen at loyalty.org
Fri Feb 27 10:47:52 PST 2004

I'm speaking on a plenary session at Computers, Freedom, and Privacy
2004 ("Trusted Computing" on the morning of April 22).  The whole
conference should be a good time.  It will be at the Claremont in
Berkeley and has a heavy EFF contingent this year, with presentations
by several EFF attorneys and both technologists.

Also, the Pioneer Awards will be giving out in the evening on the 22nd.


Computers, Freedom and Privacy 2004
April 20-23, 2004
Berkeley, California (Claremont Hotel)

The Fourteenth Conference on Computers, Freedom, and Privacy (CFP2004)
is open for registration.

Computers, Freedom & Privacy brings together key representatives from
government, business, education, and nonprofits to discuss and debate
the technology trends and public policy issues affecting privacy and
freedom today.

CFP explores what is and considers what can be.  This year's program
reflects the security focus of our post-9-11 environment, the ongoing
battles between copyright and technology, and the growing use of the
Internet and computing technology in campaigns and elections.  It
examines where technology is currently headed, and asks where our values
should lead it.

Panelists will consider whether profiling and data mining can assist in
identifying terrorists, and if so, whether it can be accomplished in a
manner that protects privacy.

Speakers will debate the privacy and liberty implications of suing
individual consumers for distributing music and movies online, and
explore alternative methods for compensating artists and distributors of
copyrighted works.

Technologists will discuss the risks posed by current electronic voting
systems, and political organizers will discuss the way in which the
Internet is shaping political campaigns and issue advocacy.

The three day conference is certain to challenge assumptions, raise new
questions, and foster continued debate about the role of technology in
society and its relation to freedom and privacy.

Keynote speakers include David Dill and Brewster Kahle.

Seven preconference half-day tutuorials are offered covering topics such
as authentication, network surveillance, radio frequency identification
tags (RFID), telecommunications policy and consumer privacy notices.

Additionally, one preconference full-day Workshop, "Privacy and Civil
Liberties Issues in Computing Applications Research and Development"
rounds out the offerings.

A limited number of need-based scholarships for participation and travel
are available to participants from Africa, SE Europe, former Soviet
Union states, and SE Asia.


         Registration -  http://www.regmaster.com/cfp2004.html
         Program -  http://www.cfp2004.org/program/
         Tutorials - http://www.cfp2004.org/program/
         Workshop - http://www.cfp2004.org/program/
         Scholarships - http://www.cfp2004.org/scholarships.html

We hope to see you at CFP2004!

Deirdre K. Mulligan
Chair, CFP2004

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