[Seth-Trips] Tim Pozar at Stanford today

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Tue May 18 14:46:00 PDT 2004

(Tim Pozar is the new Technical Director of EFF, and is giving this
talk at Stanford this afternoon.)

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18-May-2004  -  SNRC Industry Seminar

SNRC Seminar - "Bay Area Research Wireless Network (BARWN) Deployment

Speaker: Tim Pozar - Bay Area Wireless User Group Co-Founder

Email: pozar at lns.com
When:  May 18, 2004
Time:  4:15 PM to 5:15 PM
Location: Gates Computer Science Building B03


This talk gives an overview of the technical issues that have to
be addressed with 802.11-based long distance wireless networks.
These deployment concerns have been addressed in several community
networks, most notably the BARWN deployed in the San Francisco bay
area. We describe the BARWN and cover the specific issues of topology,
coverage, FCC regulations, antenna design, coverage, frequencies,
security, and hardware.


Tim Pozar is a communications consulting engineer specializing in
microwave engineering for government and commercial applications.
He was an early entrepreneur and developer in the Internet startup
area, by co-founding a number of companies such as TLGnet (San
Francisco's first ISP), Brightmail (first commercial anti-spam
company) and Omniva (digital rights management). Previous to this
for 25 years, Pozar was a radio broadcast engineer for commercial
and non-commercial radio stations.

Pozar is active in community wireless networking. As such he is a
co-founder of the Bay Area Wireless User Group. Pozar is also leading
an effort, called Bay Area Research Wireless Network (BARWN), to
study the issues (such as scaling, sustainability, etc) of deploying
wireless high speed Internet access for urban and rural settings
to address digital divide issues. The BARWN network is currently
being built out through the San Francisco Bay area. The infrastructure
is based on very low-cost unlicensed equipment.

Pozar has also published a number of papers covering the regulatory
issues in the United States and engineering of high speed wireless

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