[Seth-Trips] The Solano Stroll, Sept. 12

Seth David Schoen schoen at loyalty.org
Tue Sep 7 10:53:18 PDT 2004

Ben Hartshorne writes:

> On Mon, 6 Sep 2004 23:59:38 -0700, Seth David Schoen <schoen at loyalty.org
> > wrote:
> > I've never been to the Solano Stroll, but I hear it's great.  It's an
> > annual street fair in Berkeley on the whole length of Solano Avenue.
> > This year, it will take place this Sunday, September 12, from 10:00a
> > to 6:00p.  I'm planning to go; would anybody like to come with me?
> I have been to the Solano Stroll many times (having grown up two
> blocks from the top of Solano!).  I have loved it every time I went!
> Street performers, many restaurants selling their food out on the
> street, tons of people, music, etc.  It really is great fun.
> I would like to join you!

Welcome back to the Bay Area, Ben!

What time were you thinking of showing up?

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