[Seth-Trips] birthday gatherink friday (fwd)

Riana Pfefferkorn riana at whitties.org
Fri Sep 17 13:22:56 PDT 2004

Everyone: I'm going to party with Praveen tonight, but I am planning to 
take Caltrain up. Does anyone want to come with? Also, what's the best way 
to get to Axum from Caltrain: bus... cab... wheedle a ride from another 
partygoer? And then there's the issue of getting home...

input please

-lazy person

On Wed, 15 Sep 2004, Praveen Sinha wrote:

> So I know it's LATE to be sending out this notice for the valuable friday
> night slice of real-estate that occupies all of your busy metropolitan
> lives.  However, if you so have an evening to kill, it would be awesome if
> you could drop by for a very egotistical birthday gathering (hey, I just
> wanted to go party) :).  
> WHEN:  This FRIDAY sept 17th (actually my bday is the following day)...
> Props to all the other spazzy virgoes getting this who have similar bdays
> w00!  virgos have mad skillz in bed!   7pm
> WHERE:  Axum Cafe for dinner http://www.axumcafe.com/AxumMainPage.html
>         After loading up on fuel, then we go out and swarm "The Mint" down     
>         the street for some old fashioned DIGERATI KAROAKE.  For those who
>         EMBRACE YOUTH and give the FINGER to body oxidation, the
>         night will go on after that as we rampage to dance until we drop
>         at the nearest electronica club (perhaps the peacock lounge) 
>         Plans may be fluid depending on strong preferences/ who shows
> RSVP:   as plans may be fluid and this rather last minute, be prepared to
> 	smart mob :).  Call my on cell: 650 714 9262 for up to the minute
>         plans.	Email RSVP would be appreciated.
> FOAFs:  Welcome!
> WHAT:   Bring yourself and your inner weirdo!  Libations, particularly
> those that can be shared, are welcome :)
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