[Seth-Trips] Epsas and 5lowershop at Takara Sake Factory, Berkeley, Feb. 26 [epsas@dogsquad.co.uk: record spinning at a sake factory?? is that safe?]

Sunah Cherwin slippery at pobox.com
Fri Feb 25 17:46:46 PST 2005

>Seth David Schoen writes:
>>  My friend Epsas is going to be giving a DJ performance at the Takara
>>  Sake Factory in Berkeley soon.  Although I don't drink, I enjoyed
>>  visiting the sake factory last year.  They have a lot of educational
>>  materials set up and a nice environment for visitors, so it sounds
>>  like a nice place to enjoy some music (especially if you drink sake).
>I think I'm planning to go to this tomorrow, with lunch at Vik's Chaat
>House followed by hanging out in the Takara sake factory and listening to
>some music, watching factory workers tinkering with the sake
>production line.
>Would anyone like to join me?

I'd like to come to lunch. Thanks!
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desire for fish and an equally deep, passionate and profound desire to
avoid getting wet.  This is the defining metaphor of my life right now."


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