[Seth-Trips] Likely to need a new housemate

Seth David Schoen schoen at loyalty.org
Fri Jun 10 22:36:58 PDT 2005

I'm likely to need a new housemate from July 1 (the former broadcast
flag implementation deadline now scuttled by the D.C. Circuit).

We are in the Mission District, very near 24th Street BART; our rent
is about $600 per person per month plus utilities.  We have a lot of
space.  We would like to continue our current practices of not having
people cook meat or smoke in the house.  (I wanted to say "smoke or
cook meat in the house", but that produces a pretty silly ambiguity.)
Both of us who will be staying are computer geeks, and we have fast
ADSL and an open 802.11b network.  Also a lot of books, a good Dance
Dance Revolution setup, and occasional other geeky amenities.

We're also convenient to a supermarket, a great park, a post office,
and the 12, 14, 24, 48, 49, and 67 MUNI lines.  Using the 12 Folsom,
we're pretty close to Rainbow Grocery.

I'm sorry that this isn't an announcement of a trip, although it might
be a trip (in either sense) for someone who comes to live here.

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