[Seth-Trips] Vintage Computer Festival and SuperHappyDevHouse Hackathon

Fyodor fyodor at insecure.org
Fri Nov 4 13:29:59 PST 2005

Those of you into computer history should enjoy the Vintage Computer
Festival this weekend at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View:


I learned a lot and experienced warm nostalgic fuzzies for hours at a
time at the festival last year!  The museum exhibits are impressive in
their own right, and they also have an expo, speakers, etc.  There is
a Homebrew Computer Club Retrospective, Nerd Trivial Challenge,
demonstration of a newly restored PDP-1, and various geek documentary
film screenings.

If you find yourself still in the Penninsula area after dark Saturday
night, you may also enjoy SuperHappyDevHouse 5, a hackathon lasting
from 7PM to 7AM:


It is in part organized by fellow Seth-tripper David Weekly.


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