[Seth-Trips] Cultural Environmentalism conference at Stanford, March 11-12

Seth David Schoen schoen at loyalty.org
Mon Feb 20 17:37:05 PST 2006

Aaron Swartz writes:

> When I saw the topic I immediately thought of George Gerbner's
> similarly-named conference, on the subject of how modern
> communications technology effects our minds. It's unfortunate that the
> name has been co-opted like this.
> see e.g. http://www.newdimensions.org/online-journal/articles/saving-our-cultural.html

James Boyle started referring to "environmentalism" in 1997 (or earlier)


which may be contemporary with Gerbner's use of "cultural environment"
or "cultural environmentalism".  On the other hand, Boyle and Boyle's
supporters might not have used the word "cultural" until recently.
Calling Boyle's proposal "cultural environmentalism", as opposed to his
subtitle "environmentalism for the net", seems to be a more recent

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