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"KISS"At a dinner party, the speaker, who was the guest of honor, was about
to deliver a speech when his wife sitting at the other end of the table,
sent him a piece of paper with the word "KISS" scribbled on it.¡¡The guest
seated next to the speaker said, "Your wife must love you very much, I see
her send you a 'KISS' before you begin your speech."¡¡The speaker smiled and
explained, "You don't know my wife. The 'KISS' she give me stands for 'Keep
It Short, Stupid.'"
The wedding date was set and the groom's three pals, a carpenter, an
electrician, and a dentist, were deciding what pranks to play on the couple
on their wedding night.The carpenter decided that he would saw the slats off
their bed. The electrician figured that wiring the bed with alternating
current would give them a few chuckles. The dentist would not tell the
others what he had done, and wore a sly grin, simply suggesting that his gag
would be a memorable one. The wedding and reception went as planned. A few
days later, each of the groom's three friends received a letter which read
as follows. Dear friends, We didn't mind the bed slats being sawed. The
electric shock was only a minor setback. But, I swear to God Almighty, I'm
going to kill the idiot who put Novocain in the K-Y Jelly.
matuchi9ganshits02nikisaku,oroshi rukotsu. 

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