[Taocow PBEM] Chapter II - Of War and Prophecy - Bongo's Astral Journey (Private)

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Thu Dec 2 06:19:10 PST 2004

> Looking briefly at the door Osiris speaks again "they obviously expect 
> trouble from us and want to keep us on this ship a while longer. I think we 
> should find a way to try and speak to the priest and his friend, then find a way 
> to get off this ship....i have a feeling that the captain and this crew is up 
> to something...."

Bongo nods.   "Fortunately as long as Frost has 'em spooked -- for _whatever_ 
reason -- we should have some advantage," he says in a low whisper while 
they're still huddled with a slight grin Frost's way.   "I doubt they'll try 
anything overtly unfriendly if we don't do anything completely stupid.   Still, 
you're right -- something screwy is going on here and I for one would like to 
find out what before we rush to judgement on who the bad guys are.   The guards 
may also provide something useful by accident if someone could engage them in 
'friendly conversation...' after all, we _did_ just get here from the future 
and don't know a lot about goings-on around here.   Savvy?"   He looks at Alex 
and Frost in particular.

After the huddle breaks but before Osiris goes to get Rod, Bongo pulls him 
aside and whispers into his ear.   "Have Rod check our cabins for 'bugs,' 
willya?   If they can hear us I wanna know about it."

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