[Taocow PBEM] Chapter II - Of War and Prophecy

Aaron Clausen mightymartianca at alberni.net
Sun Dec 5 17:01:27 PST 2004

On Sun, 5 Dec 2004, Kitsune wrote:

> Aaron Clausen wrote:
>> [Lady Frost]
>> Lady Frost rolls her eyes.  "Perhaps they'd like a nice fluffy puppy to
>> pet?" she says, a mischievous grin on her face.
>> [/Lady Frost]
> [Alex]
> Alex replies, "Some how I think lady frost would be a bit threatening for 
> friendly conversation. Then again, a simple wilderness scout might be a bit 
> more...."She pauses for a moment, "Maybe better to say 'Less' threatening. 
> Also, I could read a few of their minds although never been that good at it."
> [/Alex]

[Lady Frost]
"Alright, why don't you give it a try?" Lady Frost says.  "The rest of us
better look after our friend here.  Osiris, you know anything about
[/Lady Frost]

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