[Taocow PBEM] Chapter II - Of War and Prophecy

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OOC: I'm posting a big chunk of the last bit of the turn so that 
everyone can catch up.  Being the holidays and all, I won't send out any 
demons to hunt you down for the next couple of weeks!  Have a happy and 
safe holiday everyone!

 > [Rod Black]
 > Rod attempts to store the images on his laptop acting as the link
 > between the two with his telemechanics as he sees the pictures
 > [/Rod Black]

Rod tries his best to transfer the images, but cannot manage it.

 > [Alex]
 > Alex suggest, "Maybe I should attempt it in the morning. I want to see
 > if I can talk them into access to the armory to see what I can get for
 > grenades." She shakes her head and replies, "Be lucky you are not a
 > telepath, the sexual thoughts that you tend to get can be very
 > distracting and how they tend to compare you to others in their mind
 > and have thoughts like 'is that a mole on their butt.'"
 > [/Alex]

[Lady Frost]
Lady Frost smiles and laughs quietly.  "We all have our problems, I guess."
[/Lady Frost]

Osiris bends down and tries to determine what is wrong with Arden. He
shakes his head, unsure as to why the poor fellow suddenly collapsed.

Even as Osiris turns to tell the rest of the company, Arden suddenly
opens his eyes and takes a few deep breaths.

 > [Rod Black]
 > Rod gets to the other cabin, he tells everyone what was on the
 > camera, but is unable to show any pictures.
 > [/Rod Black]

When Rod walks back into the cabin, he sees Arden looking like he just
woke up, and Bongo looking pretty comatose.

 > [Rod Black]
 > Noticing the two, Rod says "oh, everyone just got here too? So lets
 > get this meeting started."
 > [/Rod Black]

[Lady Frost]
"Where have you been?" Lady Frost asks?
[/Lady Frost]

 > [Rod Black]
 > Rod states in a matter of fact tone, "I've been in my cabin trying to
 > get some images off a camera."  He tells of the images found on the
 > camera.  "We should probably look into that journal that Bongo picked
 > up.  I think we have been drawn into something bigger.  Probably
 > related to K'zul given where we found the camera and journal."
 > [/Rod Black]

 > [Osiris]
 > Osiris helps Arden to one of the bunk beds and gets him to lie down.
 > "One minute you were standing there the next you were out cold.
 > Now I am not sure what happened but i think you should take a rest."
 > Osiris grabs a glass of hot water from the dispencer and hands it to
 > Arden.
 > [/Osiris]

 > [Arden]
 > From his cushioned position on the bed, Arden sits up slightly, eyes
 > unfocused, but alert. "The captain...something is controlling his
 > actions. I know not what it is, but I do know that we need to stop it
 > before it leads us into serious trouble." He leans back, trying to
 > relax, rubbing his shoulder where he hit the floor of the bunk room.
 > [/Arden]

 > [Osiris]
 > Quietly Osiris informs the rest of the group what he noticed about
 > the two guards outside, their weapons and armor, then waits for Bongo 
 > to return from his little trip.
 > In this down time he will pack his gear away into his back just in
 > case they have to make for a quick get away.
 > [/Osiris]

[Lady Frost]
Seeing Osiris packing his gear, Lady Frost says firmly "I will not leave
St. Pierre behind, nor K'zul."
[/Lady Frost]

 > [Alex]
 > Alex transmits telapathically to the others, *I did a bit of
 > investigation of our hosts thoughts and they are very suspicious with
 > the captain fearing Lady Frost for some reason and the lizard being
 > seem intersted in turning someone in for a profit. There is ome very
 > interesting stuff going on her.*
 > [Alex]

 > [Kyle]
> Kyle shifts uncomfortably after hearing what Alex said. In a quite 
> whisper he says. "I wonder then if a little mutiny might be in order.
> That would solve two problems first we wouldn't have to worry about
> our new friends and second we can get some transport at the same
> time."
 > [/Kyle]

[Meanwhile back with Bongo...]

 > [Bongo]
 > Bongo sends a telepathic message to Phaeton.  *Do not be alarmed,
 > Phaeton, but I need you to speak softly and quickly for time is short
 > and the guards may hear you.  Who is your friend there, what is your
 > purpose aboard this ship, and what do you know of the Captain?*
 > [/Bongo]

Phaeton's eyes, half-closed, suddenly widen. In less than a heartbeat,
the tattooed man is on his feet, his hands held ready to land a blow.

"Who are you?" he asks quietly, but urgently. "What do you want?" His
agitation quickly passes, and for a moment his eyes seem to roll back
into his head. He says "I understand.", but it doesn't seem he's
speaking to Bongo.

*This man, as near as I can determine, is an ally of mine, though I do
wish he had told me that before tonight.* Phaeton says, though his mouth
does not move. *I will say no more of this now, not even in this manner
of speech. There is one other on the ship, though I do not know the
individual's identity... yet.*

*I cannot reveal my purpose yet.* he continues, *I dare not. The Captain
cannot any longer be trusted, and what allies he may have I cannot yet
determine. I must get off this ship now. The Captain means to avoid
Dublin by sailing right around Ireland, at a great delay, but to a
destination which I doubt I, or you, would ever leave from. I am certain
that he does this under instruction, and that the arrival of your people
is what has triggered this. My quest will fail if I do not get off this

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