[Taocow PBEM] Chapter II - Of War and Prophecy

Aaron Clausen mightymartianca at alberni.net
Wed Dec 22 12:51:43 PST 2004

>  > [Rod Black]
>  > Rod states in a matter of fact tone, "I've been in my cabin trying to
>  > get some images off a camera."  He tells of the images found on the
>  > camera.  "We should probably look into that journal that Bongo picked
>  > up.  I think we have been drawn into something bigger.  Probably
>  > related to K'zul given where we found the camera and journal."
>  > [/Rod Black]

[Lady Frost]
Hearing Rod's news, Lady Frost gives Arden a sharp look. "Maybe you 
should tell us a bit more about things on board here."
[/Lady Frost

>  > [Osiris]
>  > Osiris helps Arden to one of the bunk beds and gets him to lie down.
>  > "One minute you were standing there the next you were out cold.
>  > Now I am not sure what happened but i think you should take a rest."
>  > Osiris grabs a glass of hot water from the dispencer and hands it to
>  > Arden.
>  > [/Osiris]
>  > [Arden]
>  > From his cushioned position on the bed, Arden sits up slightly, eyes
>  > unfocused, but alert. "The captain...something is controlling his
>  > actions. I know not what it is, but I do know that we need to stop it
>  > before it leads us into serious trouble." He leans back, trying to
>  > relax, rubbing his shoulder where he hit the floor of the bunk room.
>  > [/Arden]

[Lady Frost]
"How do you know this?" Lady Frost asks, her voice as cold as her 
[/Lady Frost]

>  > [Osiris]
>  > Quietly Osiris informs the rest of the group what he noticed about
>  > the two guards outside, their weapons and armor, then waits for Bongo 
>  > to return from his little trip.
>  >
>  > In this down time he will pack his gear away into his back just in
>  > case they have to make for a quick get away.
>  > [/Osiris]
> [Lady Frost]
> Seeing Osiris packing his gear, Lady Frost says firmly "I will not leave
> St. Pierre behind, nor K'zul."
> [/Lady Frost]
>  > [Alex]
>  > Alex transmits telapathically to the others, *I did a bit of
>  > investigation of our hosts thoughts and they are very suspicious with
>  > the captain fearing Lady Frost for some reason and the lizard being
>  > seem intersted in turning someone in for a profit. There is ome very
>  > interesting stuff going on her.*
>  > [Alex]
> > [Kyle]
> > Kyle shifts uncomfortably after hearing what Alex said. In a quite 
> > whisper he says. "I wonder then if a little mutiny might be in order.
> > That would solve two problems first we wouldn't have to worry about
> > our new friends and second we can get some transport at the same
> > time."

[Lady Frost]
Lady Frost whispers back. "Give the word, and those guards will be 
thawing for hours."
[/Lady Frost]

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