[Taocow PBEM] Chapter II - Of War and Prophecy - Bongo's Second Big Adventure

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> *I cannot reveal my purpose yet.* he continues, *I dare not. The Captain
> cannot any longer be trusted, and what allies he may have I cannot yet
> determine. I must get off this ship now. The Captain means to avoid
> Dublin by sailing right around Ireland, at a great delay, but to a
> destination which I doubt I, or you, would ever leave from. I am certain
> that he does this under instruction, and that the arrival of your people
> is what has triggered this. My quest will fail if I do not get off this
> ship.*

Although a bit frustrated by Phaeton's unwillingness to share more 
information about himself, he realizes that he has at least made a start.   *One final 
question, then -- do you know what the reason is for the fear of the woman 
known as Lady Frost?*

(ooc: out of interest of saving time, I'm going to go ahead and include what 
happens after Phaeton answers...)

Bongo nods, more out of habit than anything else.   *Thank you for your 
cooperation.   I must go now.*

He leaves the brig and scouts around the ship as best he can before having to 
return to his corporeal body -- including how many guards are on active duty 
between the group and the brig/between the brig and Kyle's SAMAS.

Once back home in his own body, he takes a deep breath and opens his eyes 
before sitting up and looking around.   "We need to talk, people..." he says in a 
low whisper.

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