[Taocow PBEM] Chapter II - Of War and Prophecy - Bongo's Second Big Adventure

Aaron Clausen mightymartianca at alberni.net
Thu Dec 23 14:10:46 PST 2004

 > > [GM]
> > *I cannot reveal my purpose yet.* he continues, *I dare not. The Captain
> > cannot any longer be trusted, and what allies he may have I cannot yet
> > determine. I must get off this ship now. The Captain means to avoid
> > Dublin by sailing right around Ireland, at a great delay, but to a
> > destination which I doubt I, or you, would ever leave from. I am certain
> > that he does this under instruction, and that the arrival of your people
> > is what has triggered this. My quest will fail if I do not get off this
> > ship.*
> > [/GM]

> [Bongo]
> Although a bit frustrated by Phaeton's unwillingness to share more 
> information about himself, he realizes that he has at least made a 
> start.  *One final question, then -- do you know what the reason is for 
> the fear of the woman known as Lady Frost?*
 > [/Bongo]

Phaeton shakes his head. *I can only say that she is a key, though there 
are two others. If we meet again, I shall explain it better, but I will 
say nothing else of this.*

 > [Bongo]
> Bongo nods, more out of habit than anything else.  *Thank you for your 
> cooperation.  I must go now.*
 > [/Bongo]

Phaeton nods. *And you be cautious. The Captain distrusts you too, and 
if he catches you, astral or not, you and your companions will suffer.*

> [Bongo]
> He leaves the brig and scouts around the ship as best he can before 
> having to return to his corporeal body -- including how many guards are 
> on active duty between the group and the brig/between the brig and 
> Kyle's SAMAS.
 > [Bongo]

A guard, armed as well as those guarding Bongo's quarters, has been set 
beside the SAMAS. The Captain is no where to be seen, and the night 
watch is no more than ten men, two on bridge and two patrolling the deck 
and belowdecks.

In the distance, the coast of what must be Ireland can be seen more 
clearly as the mists clear. The lights of a sizable settlement can be 
seen twinkling in the south, though the ship seems to be steaming 
northward and away.

> [/Bongo]
> Once back home in his own body, he takes a deep breath and opens his 
> eyes before sitting up and looking around.  "We need to talk, people..." 
> he says in a low whisper.
> [/Bongo]

[Lady Frost]
"Bongo," Lady Frost says, "did you see that Phaeton fellow? What did you 
[/Lady Frost]

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