[Taocow PBEM] The Broken Mirror of the Past - Chapter I - Where Are We?

Aaron Clausen mightymartianca at alberni.net
Mon Nov 1 12:40:09 PST 2004

OOC: I hope Lady Frost's and Osiris's players can post soon! (Hint hint)

> [Arden]
> Arden looks around, then stands up. "Might I Know where the gear is so I
> can check it? I feel almost naked without my own weaponry."
> [/Arden]

The dwarf, continuing to give Rod an evil eye, grabs Arden's gear.  "All
here, and all intact." he says gruffly.

> [Rod Black]
> Rod looks up at the lady  and says "is there a place I can rest up, and do
> some maintenance on my equipment?". As a an after thought he asks "Oh, is
> there any scrap metal around about yay big?" and holds his arms out to
> indicate the size of his previous hoverboard.
> [/Rod Black]

"I think we can find something." she says, smiling.  "Follow me."

> [Rod Black]
> Rod uses what ever energy he can get from the leylines to recharge his
> equipment, change out of the horrid dwarf armor, and into his leathers,
> and get to work on a new hoverboard.
> [/Rod Black]

> [Alex]
> Alex comes over to the old man and stands there waiting for whatever he
> has to say. The female Coalition Ranger has pulled off her helmet to
> reveal short read hair wet from sweat and peicing green eyes.
> [/Alex]

The old man smiles weakly.  "Alex... good to see you." he says, his voice
almost too weak to be heard.  "I see a light, Alex, a beautiful light.  A
woman's voice calls to me.  But there is darkness.  It crossed over with
K'zul... K'zul was part of it...  The lady says it seeks to wage a great
war... kill many, enslave rest...  Must be stopped..."

St. Pierre gasps, his eyes closing and his breathing becoming weaker.  The
medic goes to move between Alex and Rod, "This man has to be operated on

St. Pierre grabs Alex's arm with surprising strength.  "Seek out the Temple
of Rath-iren...  And beware, there..."  For a moment St. Pierre stops
breathing.  Then he takes in a great gulp of air, "There is a traitor, a
servant of dark things aboard.  More I cannot...  Ah!  Goodbye dear Alex,
thank you..."

St. Pierre's eyes close, he takes a final raspy breath, and then his hand
falls away from Alex's arm.  "Goddamn!" the medic cries, pushing past Alex,
pulling out a small black handheld computer.  After a moment he shakes his
head.  "I'm sorry, your friend has passed away."

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