[Taocow PBEM] Chapter II - Of War and Prophecy

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With a smile on his face, he motions towards the below-deck area. "This
gentle soul is right. Lets head down towards the rooms and get some rest for
a bit, and see what happens once we dock."

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> > [GM]
> > As the rest of the company grieves over their loss, and try to come to
> > grips with where they are, the tattooed man, Phaeton, catches up with
> > Lady Frost as she makes her way to the bridge.  Behind them follows
> > Osiris.
> >
> > On the bridge, a rather cramped room filled with a good deal of
> > electronics; radar, sonar, navigational equipment and heaven knows what
> > else stands a short, red-haired, red-bearded man with an eye patch over
> > his left eye, and a kilt worn over gleaming body armor.
> >
> > The man is intently peering into some sensor system, when Phaeton
> > clears his throat.  "Captain, she is here now."
> >
> > The captain turns, and his one eye widens in wonder.  "'Tis you." he
> > says in a thick Scottish accent.  "By the screams of Corgarff, 'tis the
> > Lady Frost herself."
> >
> > The man bows low, "I am Angus Mackenzie, captain of the SS Vagabond.  We
> > were told that ye would be coming, with six others.  I have just heard
> > that one yer companions passed away, and I offer my condolences.  Bless
> > me, but that some prophecies do come true!"
> >
> > For a moment he stares at Lady Frost, and for a moment, she and Osiris
> > catch what almost looks like a glint of fear in that one eye, but it is
> > soon displaced by a wide smile.  "Ye must need rest and refreshment."
> > he says.  "I apologize, but as ye must surely know, there have been
> > troubles.  Ye shall have yer quarters, and then join me in a feast, a
> > celebration to friends past, and to a future to be had!  I trust ye
> > and all those with ye can come."
> > [/GM]
> OOC: Apologies.  I should have given the rest of you more to do.  I'm
> still hoping to hear from Lady Frost's player soon.
> [GM]
> While Lady Frost and Osiris meet the captain, the company notices that
> the rest of the crew becomes somber.  Many take off their hats and nod
> towards old Thomas St. Pierre.
> The medic looks to Alex and the rest of the company.  "We will be
> docking in Dublin no later than tomorrow morning." he says.  "We can
> bury him at sea, if you wish, or other arrangements can be made then.
> He turns quickly and walks off.  Another fellow comes running up, a
> short, stocky orc!  He waves at Arden, jumping up and down like a
> deranged monkey.  He bows to the rest of the company, though keeping a
> nervous eye on Rod.
> "I be Grom, son of Pek son of Grak the Disemboweler." he says.  "Skipper
> says you need rooms, and tell me to tell Arden to lead down below deck,
> and me to help!  Come, come.  You have big dinner tonight!  Skipper say
> special day!"
> The orc grabs Arden's arm and points below decks.  "Come!  Go!" Grom the
> orc says excitedly.
> [/GM]
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