[Taocow PBEM] Chapter II - Of War and Prophecy

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> [GM]
> As the rest of the company grieves over their loss, and try to come to
> grips with where they are, the tattooed man, Phaeton, catches up with
> Lady Frost as she makes her way to the bridge.  Behind them follows
> Osiris.
> On the bridge, a rather cramped room filled with a good deal of
> electronics; radar, sonar, navigational equipment and heaven knows what
> else stands a short, red-haired, red-bearded man with an eye patch over
> his left eye, and a kilt worn over gleaming body armor.
> The man is intently peering into some sensor system, when Phaeton
> clears his throat.  "Captain, she is here now."
> The captain turns, and his one eye widens in wonder.  "'Tis you." he
> says in a thick Scottish accent.  "By the screams of Corgarff, 'tis the
> Lady Frost herself."
> The man bows low, "I am Angus Mackenzie, captain of the SS Vagabond.  We
> were told that ye would be coming, with six others.  I have just heard
> that one yer companions passed away, and I offer my condolences.  Bless
> me, but that some prophecies do come true!"
> For a moment he stares at Lady Frost, and for a moment, she and Osiris
> catch what almost looks like a glint of fear in that one eye, but it is
> soon displaced by a wide smile.  "Ye must need rest and refreshment."
> he says.  "I apologize, but as ye must surely know, there have been
> troubles.  Ye shall have yer quarters, and then join me in a feast, a
> celebration to friends past, and to a future to be had!  I trust ye
> and all those with ye can come."
> [/GM]

OOC: Apologies.  I should have given the rest of you more to do.  I'm 
still hoping to hear from Lady Frost's player soon.

While Lady Frost and Osiris meet the captain, the company notices that 
the rest of the crew becomes somber.  Many take off their hats and nod 
towards old Thomas St. Pierre.

The medic looks to Alex and the rest of the company.  "We will be 
docking in Dublin no later than tomorrow morning." he says.  "We can 
bury him at sea, if you wish, or other arrangements can be made then.

He turns quickly and walks off.  Another fellow comes running up, a 
short, stocky orc!  He waves at Arden, jumping up and down like a 
deranged monkey.  He bows to the rest of the company, though keeping a 
nervous eye on Rod.

"I be Grom, son of Pek son of Grak the Disemboweler." he says.  "Skipper 
says you need rooms, and tell me to tell Arden to lead down below deck, 
and me to help!  Come, come.  You have big dinner tonight!  Skipper say 
special day!"

The orc grabs Arden's arm and points below decks.  "Come!  Go!" Grom the 
orc says excitedly.

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