[Taocow PBEM] Chapter II - Of War and Prophecy

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> > [GM]
> > Grom leads the company below decks, turning back to keep a suspicious
> > eye on Rod and Kyle ever few steps.
> > [/GM]

> [Rod Black]
> Every time Grom looks Rods way, Rod smiles warmly.
> [/Rod Black]

Grom can be seen gritting his teeth.


> > [GM]
> > The company is given an hour to shower and clean up, and then Phaeton
> > knocks on their doors, dressed in jet-black clothes and a long, black
> > leather coat. "The banquet is about to begin." he says. "You are asked
> > not to bear weapons, but I have had a vision, and though the evil is not
> > clear to me, I fear something will happen. If you have small weapons,
> > easily concealable, then bring them." He pulls his coat aside, revealing
> > a the hilt and pommel of a blade tucked into his boot. Strange runes
> > that faintly glow can be seen on the handle.
> > [/GM]

> [Rod Black]
> Rod will dresses in his black leathers and skull cap. His bracers will be
> on under his sleeves and his converted Wilks pistol under histucked into
> his pants at the back.
> [/Rod Black]

> [Kyle]
> It seems to Kyle that things may not be as they seem so being the slightly
> paranoid person that he is he changes into his fatigues and hides his
> NG-57 under his jacket before dinner.
> [/Kyle]

> [Arden]
> With a nod, he slips his vibro-knife into his boot sheath and covers it
> with his pant leg, then preps himself.
> [/Arden]

Following Rod's example, Bongo slips his NG-45LP into his pants and pulls
down his jacket.

> [Osiris]
> Drying himself off after a nice hot shower and cleaning his gear, Osiris
> sits on his bunk pondering all the recent events which has just taken
> place. Remembering that before he left on his quest he took his ornate
> cyberknight.s uniform that they used at knighting ceremonies and other
> formal receptions. Donning his uniform and flowing red cloak he smiles to
> himself as he looks into the mirror, he turns as Phaeton knocks on the
> door and enters.
> Hearing the man's words he becomes slightly bothered but moves out into
> the corridor with the others, seeing the others have heard the same news
> he whispers to his companions "If anything goes wrong and people start
> shooting get behind me ok."
> [/Osiris]

> [Alex]
> Alex is dressed in a dark green t-shirt with a pair of camouflage fatigue
> style pants. They are both just a bit faded, the green t-shirt might more
> accurately called 'Once dark green' but what she is wearing is clean and
> she is freshly scrubbed. She is also pretty attractive and quite feminine.
> Before being told not to bring any weapons, she had her pump pistol
> strapped to her side. It is as much habit as anything else. She still has
> her survival knife which is more of a tool to her than a weapon although
> it will likely do her little good. On her way to the dinner, she will make
> sure that she can get to her gear quickly if she can run for her room.
> [/Alex]


> [Alex]
> When Alex gets to the 'feast', she sits there glumly, thinking about what
> has happened and worrying about falling into yet another trap. She is also
> absolutely exhausted from all the continuous fighting.
> [/Alex]

[Lady Frost]
Lady Frost follows Alex in, in fully human form, wearing somewhat odd
looking clothes, like something out of some old pre-Rifts movie. Still, she,
like Alex, looks quite beautiful.
[/Lady Frost]

The men's eyes follow Lady Frost and Alex as they seat themselves. Even
Phaeton, who seems so dispassionate, seems taken aback.

> [Kyle]
> During the introduction at dinner Kyle studies the members of the boat's
> crew. Trying to gain any knowledge on our hosts.
> [/Kyle]

Kyle's eyes dart over the assembled company, his trained eye never staying
on one person long enough to give them much of a hint of his observations.
In a manner of just a few seconds, Kyle has completed his survey of the host
and the officers.

> [Rod Black]
> Phaeton is sitting close enough to Rod for Rod to lean over and whisper to
> him "I have seen the symbol on his ring before, who is your server?"
> Rod then makes a mental note to take a look at the digital camera he took
> from the chest.
> [/Rod Black]

Phaeton acknowledges Rod by nodding slightly, though he does not say
anything. The Captain gives Rod a queer look, but then is quickly laughing

When everyone is seated, the Captain stands lifts his glass in a toast.
"Well, my friends, here is to a successful rescue, and to great things to
come. And here, too, is to the memory of your fallen comrade. I am truly
sorry that we could do nothing for him, but may his memory live on in your

While everyone eats, the Captain regales everyone with stories of his
exploits, in the Mediterranean against the Phoenyx Empire, in the Baltic
with NGR on his tail, in the Great Lakes, with the Coalition Navy trying to
grab him and a hold filled with power armor and other weaponry bound for
Tolkeen. If even half of what he says is true, the Captain has seen a good
deal in his time.

When dinner is finished, a new servant, looking a little out of sorts and
disgruntled, with his shirt only partially tucked in at the back, comes and
picks up the dishes. Phaeton seems disturbed by this, but says nothing.

The Captain pours himself another glass of wine, and motions for the new
servant to fill the glasses of those who wish any more. No one can complain
about the meal, which was as good as ny could get in a fine restauraunt.

"My friends, old and new," the Captain says, sounding like he is beginning a
speech long practiced. "today is a momentous day for myself and Phaeton.
Long have we prepared for the arrival of the Lady Frost and her companions.
'Twas thirteen years ago, almost to the day, that I first had a vision, of
the world burning. Ley-lines thousands of feet wide, rifts a mile high. Gods
and demons from every corner of the Megaverse battling for supremacy, and
the Megaverse itself to become an eternal desolation."

The Captain lowers his voice. "I tell ye all, such a thing would make the
Apocalypse seem like nothing at all, for this one would sweep through the
Megaverse, and lay all to waste."

"Then a voice, a sweet women's, came to me. She said 'Seek for my servant, a
warrior of the scattered folk of Old Atlantis, Phaeton. He will lead you
forward to find Lady Frost, an ancient champion of good, and her
companions.' So I did, though 'twas not easy to find a True Atlantean, and
took me three long years. Of the Lady Frost I learned a good deal in Lazlo,
one of the members of the famed League of Justice that had battled K'zul,
the Alien Warlord."

The Captain pauses, and looks to Phaeton. Phaeton seems deep in thought,
but after a moment begins to speak. "Long have I worshipped my goddess,
Tla-nimru, She That Has No Name, for she has aided me with wisdom and
knowledge. She gave to me a vision much as the Captain has described. It is
she that told me to sail out from Old Blackpool due west to find the nexus
they call Demonhole, and there be prepared to rescue great champions, who
would aid in the battle to save the Megaverse."

"So you see," the Captain says, "there is a reason for celebration. A
part of the prophecy has come true, let us hope the rest follows."

[Lady Frost]
Lady Frost looks to her companions. "Does any of this make any sense to you
guys at all?" she asks quietly.
[/Lady Frost]

Even as Lady Frost speaks, one of the crew opens the door and whispers into
the Captain's ear, and hands him a piece of paper. The Captain reads the
paper, a frown growing on his face.

"I'm afraid," he says, "I've got a wee bit of business to attend to. Nothing
to urgent. I'll have to take Phaeton with me, but please enjoy your drinks.
We'll talk more later." He gets up, bows to Lady Frost and Alex, and holds
the door open for Phaeton, who seems a little reluctant but follows after a

The other two officers, Janitha Zelam and Baktoraz seem little inclined to
remain, and a few minutes after Phaeton and the Captain's departure, they
make their apologies and get up and leave, leaving the company to
themselves to ponder this rather odd and disturbing turn of events."

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