[Taocow PBEM] Chapter II - Of War and Prophecy

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OOC: I'm assuming here that Alex, Lady Frost, Bongo, Kyle, Arden and
Osiris are in the same cabin while Rod is in the other working on the

> > [Lady Frost]
> > "Some day someone will have to explaint that to me." Lady Frost
> > says.  "So what do you guys make of this ship and her fine crew?"
> > [/Lady Frost]

> [Kyle]
> "The first thing that springs to mind is Pirates.  I will be happy
> once we hit dry land and wont have to really on them.  Personally I
> don't trust any  of them.  I would also like to know why you have
> them so spooked my Lady?"
> [/Kyle] 

[Lady Frost]
"The Captain, at least, seemed to know something of me." Lady Frost
muses.  "I don't know why he's so afraid, but I agree that finding our
way off of the ship as soon as possible is a very good idea.  Didn't
someone say we were near Ireland?  Does anyone know anything about
Ireland?  Is the Coalition there, too?"

She looks down sadly.  "And we have to give old St. Pierre a proper
[/Lady Frost]

[Meanwhile, Bongo's astral form...]

> [Bongo]
> Upon hearing the captain order 'Silbran' to go check up on the group,
> Bongo  figures that he's been 'outed' by Captain Eyeball somehow and
> rather than sniffing around any further decides to return to his
> companions.   He makes his astral way back down to his body as fast
> as possible and opens his eyes to see if he's made it back before the
> Captain's goon.
> When Bongo returns to his body (with a jerk, a twist, and a moment of
> disorientation) he relates what he's seen and heard to those present,
> including the Captain's possible discovering Bongo eavesdropping.   
> As Arden is with them in the cabin, Bongo withholds the Captain's
> suspicions about him for the moment.  However, he does make a mental
> note to press Arden for information as to how he came to be with the
> ship and its crew after Silbran checks in with them.
> [/Bongo]

Even as Bongo is beginning to feel himself again, Silbren knocks on the
door, a broad smile on his face.  "The Captain wanted me to make sure
everything was okay with you guys." he says, eyeing everyone up.
"Where's your dwarf companion?" he asks.  He jumps back out into the
passageway, a look of urgency on his face, and opens one of the other
cabins, where Rod is working on the camera.

Silbren returns, his smile pasted back on his face.  "We'll be posting
some guards tonight, for your safety." he says.  "We've taken care of
our problem with one of the crew.  I'm sure he just had a little too
much grog or somesuch.  Managed to injure Phaeton, though.  Anyways,
we aren't going to be docking in Dublin, I'm afraid.  The Captain wants
to steam on to Sligo on the west coast, so it will be a day longer than
expected.  My apologies, but apparently there's trouble in Dublin

It doesn't take a psychic to tell that this man is a liar.  He bows and
departs, stopping at the end of the passage to instruct two very heavily
armed guards in full environmental armor.  "Keep 'em safe and secure."
Bongo can hear him say to them.

> Once Silbran has left, Bongo divulges the following information about
> the engraving on the waiter's ring:
> > He turns around to look at the box and sees the engravings/symbol.
> > "Hold on a minute... that's the 'House of the Wyrm' emblem.  They
> > went over this at Lone Star -- they were a guild within the
> > Federation of Magic way back about 30-something years ago. They
> > seemed to be attracted to shrines and temples that humans and D-bees
> > built after the Cataclysm -- particularly those involved with dragon
> > worship, kinda like that Cult of Dragonwright you hear of every once
> > in a while.  Of course the CS said that as magic users they were all
> > evil as they come, but according to some of my research after
> > becoming a free agent they weren't known for being really evil... or
> > really good, for that matter." Bongo shrugs.
> [/Bongo]

[Lady Frost]
"Yes, I remember." Lady Frost says.  "But what does that waiter have to
do with it?  Is he a member of this House of Wyrm?  And I don't like
this west coast thing at all.  Whatever the Captain and his men are up
to, they clearly want us around, and that man Phaeton out of the way."
[/Lady Frost]

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