[Taocow PBEM] Chapter III - This Ain't No Luxury Liner - Rod and Osiris's Adventures on the Bridge

Aaron Clausen mightymartianca at alberni.net
Mon Feb 28 13:05:18 PST 2005

> [Osiris]
> Moving out of the way of the swordman's kick with plenty of time to
> spare, with his enemy off balance for a brief moment which is all he
> needs to attempt a classical hilt strike into the face of his
> opponent.
> [/Osiris]

The swordsman, still trying to recover from Rod's attack, still manages
to move out of the way. In his turn, the swordsman now aims a blow for
Osiris's sword arm, but Osiris easily brings his sword back to parry the

> [Osiris]
> Osiris then ducks down low and moves to the side, performing a
> horizontal mid-riff sword strike to his green opponent!
> [/Osiris]

The green-armored swordsman attempts to parry that blow by swinging his
sword back down to catch Osiris'sbut narrowly fails. Osiris's blow
strikes the swordsman's armor and visibly scores it. 

Both Rod and Osiris hear the booming of the anti-aircraft gun, and for
the first time the swordsman laughs.  Quite suddenly a sailor jumps out
of the shadows and towards Rod, a vibrosword in hand.

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