[Taocow PBEM] Chapter II - Of War and Prophecy - Bongo's Second Big Adventure

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> [Alex]
> Alex responds, "I am just a minor psychic, nothing real major.
> Otherwise, I woudl have been give a permament ID implant by the CS."
> [/Alex]

Bongo nods.   "Same here.   Well, kinda anyway -- we were bred for a good 
amount of psi-powers, but they're all for sensing stuff only.   The most I can do 
is 'talk' to someone telepathically."

He thinks for a moment.   "When I was up on deck, I could see the lights from 
a settlement on shore.   If that was this 'Dublin' they were talking about, I 
don't know that we couldn't get across on an ice raft with too much 
trouble... especially if we can spring Kyle's SAMAS and get him to tow us."

Suddenly an earlier comment finally sinks in.   "Oh, the journal?   Let's see 
if I have it..."   He starts rummaging around in his possessions to try and 
find it.
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