[Taocow PBEM] Chapter IV: The Emerald Isle

Paul Groeneveld delthin_x at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 2 18:22:10 PDT 2005

> [GM]
> The lizard man's eyes widen.  "If you don't mind."
> he says, and pulls out a
> small device which Rod immediately recognizes as
> some sort of technowizard
> device.  He pops the gem inside a small receptacle
> and clicks a single red
> button.  A small screen begins displaying several
> waving lines.
> "Extraordinary." the lizard man mumbles.  "I've
> never quite seen anything
> like it before.  Tell me, where did you get these
> stones?"
> [/GM]

[rod black]
Rod looks with little interest, and seems to ask
merely out of boredom "so whats tat device for?"
[rod black]

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