[Taocow PBEM] Chapter IV: The Emerald Isle

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He widens his eyes slightly, then grins what could only be called an 'evil' 
grin. In elvish, he says, "Well, maybe I am on my way to finding a new clan. 
I have known these others for a short time, but I trust them. Especially him 
(pointing to Phaeton)." In American, "I believe I know of whom you speak. 
Phaeton?" Arden nods. "I think he knows, too.

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>> [Arden]
>> Arden holds out his hand and shakes with the newcomer with a slight grin.
>> "Arden Leafstalker, also called Trueshot. I no longer have a clan." This
>> last part is said with a hint of sadness, even with the grin in place. 
>> "My
>> friend here is Lena. As for the rest of my companions, I believe they can
>> speak for themselves. Might there be anything I can help you with, 
>> friend?"
>> [/Arden]
> [GM]
> The Elf turns to Lena and says "Hello again Lena,  friend of Arden Leaf
> Stalker."
> Lena giggles.  "Hello there Talas."
> The elf then scans the room.  Then he turns back to Arden and in Elvish
> says "I am sorry to hear of the loss of your clan. But if this eclectic
> group that our travel with are true friends then perhaps you are on your
> way to finding a new clan."
> Then, in American again, he says "Perhaps there is something that you
> can help me with. I am looking for an ancient ruined temple that is
> surrounded by hundreds of columns that are as wide and as tall as great
> trees. Have you hears of such a place on this island? I am hoping to
> find a man with red eyes there."
> Phaeton's eyes go wide and his face becomes pale.
> [/GM]
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