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>> > Moving issues and the general stress these things
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>> >  Please move Lady Frost along as needed until I can
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>> I'll do my best.
> Okay folks... I've been out of the gaming loop for about a week and a half
> thanks to Katrina-induced setbacks here at work, so sorry about the
> silence.
> I've been reading posts, and think I've missed an e-mail or two.   As far
> as
> I could tell, we got stopped by 'Dumb and Dumber' there at the gate --
> then
> we're discussing bait for some riders some ways away.
> Could anyone please give me a brief recap of what happened since we got
> stopped at the gate?
> Thanks,
> Eric/Bongo

The basic low-down is that Talas, Alex and Osiris "convinced" the ogre
guards to let the party pass.  They left the gates started up a hill, and
when they hit the top, they spotted:

...at least six horsemen.  Kyle's keen optics reveal that two are humans
(or at least very human-like), two are ogres and one is an orc.  They are
lead by a very tall figure on a very large robot horse.  The figure is at
least seven and a half feet tall, wearing blood-red armor and a white
skull cap that, well, looks like the skull of some horribly mutated
creature.  The figure's face is fat and pink, with ugly purple blemishes
on it.  All looked well-armed, with the enormous leader carrying a rail

Alex has determined that the railgun is likely of Triax manufacture,
though she doesn't know the model or capacity.  Kyle has scoped the

The land slopes down to the east and west, but continues as a ridge to the
north and south.  Perhaps a quarter mile away is a thick knot of dark
trees, some sort of evergreens, which make up the only substantial cover
for several miles.  Farther to the north Kyle can see what looks like the
edge of a large forest of oaks and willows, and at the very limit of his
enhanced visual systems, what looks to be a tremendously gigantic tree
sitting atop a leyline.  But this forest must be at least twenty miles
away, and for those on feet, it would take far too much time.

Alex has suggested that the rest of the party find a defensible (and
hidden) position, someone go meet them to try to find out what they want,
Lena recommended Lady Frost but Talas's player has wisely stated that, as
Lady Frost's player isn't going to be around for a few days, that someone
else step in and do it (as a narrative concern).

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