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> [GM]
> The boy nods.  "Very good.  One last question remains,
> and then the gate shall allow you through."
> The boy pauses, nods once or twice, as if responding
> to someone, and then asks "Will you save the
> Coalition?"
> [/GM]
> [Lady Frost]
> "What?  Great.  I just had to ask for the hard ones."
> Frost turned to the group, clearly not offering an
> answer yet.
> "Guys, I can't answer this one without something more.
>  From what I know of the Coalition, it's the kind of
> regime I'd have fought against back home, risking life
> and limb to bring them down.  On the other hand, it's
> citizens aren't at fault for what it does and they do
> deserve protection.  I'd probably risk my life to save
> them."
> She glanced back to the questioner, then returned her
> gaze to the others.
> "Besides, it sounds like he's waiting for a decision,
> not an answer to a riddle.  Say 'yes' and we may not
> have any choice but to defend it against some other
> heroes.  Say 'no' and a lot of innocent people might
> die by our inaction."
> It was clear that Frost was not pleased by _this_ turn
> of events.
> [/Lady Frost]

"As far as I'm concerned," Lena says, "the Coalition should rot.  Why would
we want to save them?"

As the question is asked, Arden gets an uncomfortable look on his
face.  His eyes
are distant, as if looking elsewhere, or remembering something.

Suddenly he says, "Yes, we must save the Coalition."

Lena looks at Arden in horror, but the boy simply smiles.  "Very well
then.  You have
passed my tests.  The last one remains within.  Go, and may She Who Has No
Name be with you."

The boy begins to fade away, and as he disappears, the gate flares,
the sparks moving
faster and faster until it is a vortex, swirling impossibly fast.

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