[Taocow PBEM] Chapter VIII - The Portal And Beyond

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> > [GM]
> > Lena's words seem evoke the feeling of this place.  The walls themselves
> > seem haunted, the ghosts of time and death have ingrained themselves
> > into the very bones of this once-great city.  Lady Frost remembers it as
> > it was, a vibrant, living, breathing society, but now it is rot and
> > horror.
> > [/GM]

> [Ted]
> Quickly, Ted looks around for a newspaper. 
> [/Ted]

> [GM]
> There are no newspapers to be seen, though perhaps a more careful
> inspection of the lobby might turn something up.
> [/GM]

> [Ted]
> Ted looks around the lobby, whatever time and carrying Arden around will
> allow. There has to be a copy of the Tribune somewhere.
> [/Ted]

There's an old newstand, half crushed by a collapsed ceiling.  Several
copies of the Tribune, as well as the New York Times and the London
Telegraph can be seen.  All have the last day "Monday, December 22, 2098".

The headlines speak of a few local headlines "Mutant Problem In Notting Hill
Turns Deadly" reads the Telegraph.  "Texas Governor George L. Bush Announces
Run For White House" reads the New York Times.  "Labor Dispute Over
Renovations To League Of Justice Memorial Park Heating Up" reads the

Most ominous though, are the headlines "British Prime Minister Kingsley
Declares Russian Actions Violation Of Civilized Conduct", "China Breaks Off
Talks" and "EU President Says Reason For Hope Over Balkans War".

> [Angelica]
> Angelica looks for a calander, either on the wall or on the desk.
> [/Angelica]

The calendars on the wall all of December 22, 2098.

> > [GM]
> > The company makes their way through the doors and on to the street.
> > Outside the doors awaits another horrible sight; the bloodied torso of a
> > man, arms, legs and head missing.
> >
> > Suddenly those with Sixth Sense feel danger again, and Bongo's ears pick
> > up the soft padding sound of many canine feet approaching...
> > [/GM]

> [Bongo]
> "Fraggin' wonderful..." Bongo growls as he unslings his rifle and checks
> his e-clip.  "Remember those wolf-thingies we bumped into the last time we
> came through here?  We're about to get second helpings..."
> He glances over at Lady Frost.  "Any chance you can make the path  behind
> us slippery enough to make those things think twice about chasing us?"
> [/Bongo]

> [Lady Frost]
> "What things?"  Frost begins looking around in confusion and a small bit
> of concern.  If Bongo claimed something was nearby, something was.  But
> that didn't always help her find it.
> Even so, she drops into a ready stance, prepared to fight off whatever
> comes at them.
> Again.
> [/Lady Frost]

> [Talas]
> Taking a queue from Bongo, Talas pulls out his rail gun and releases the
> safety.
> [/Talas]

> [Kyle]
> Kyle hits his jets and starts to scan the area for the danger.  He relays
> any relevant info and cover the group as best he can.
> [/Kyle]

Within moments Kyle can clearly see what looks like a river flowing black. 
These wolves, D-wolves as he recalls old St. Pierre calling them, give off
surprisingly little heat, but he estimates there must be at least forty of
them heading from the north.  Kyle reports this back to the rest of the

> [Alex]
> Alex turns towards where the Wolves are coming from and fires a Tear Gas
> grenade. She figures that the simple smell will keep the creatures from
> following. If not, they will be blinded and will not be able to tell by
> spell where they are going."
> [/Alex]

Alex's tear gas shot apparently has some effect, as howls of pain and
frustration can clear be heard.  Kyle begins laying down covering fire,
which seems to add even more to the confusion, and soon most are attacking
each other.  Still, about seven or eight seem uneffected and are breaking
off and now running at an incredible gate towards the company.

> [Ted]
> Seeing the others fire their weapons at the entrance, Ted returns to the
> main group. "What is going on now?"
> [/Ted]

"It seems," Phaeton says as he touches a tattoo and a sword suddenly appears
in his hand, "that we are once again under attack.

Despite his age, Osiris enters a familiar battle stance, his Psi-sword
blazing to life in his hands, the grim, determined look of a seasoned
warrior in his face.

Young though she is, Lena is no stranger to combat either, and she pulls a
small Wilks out of her jacket and gets down on one knee, clearly hoping for
an accurate shot or two.

Even as Osiris and Phaeton arm themselves, the wolves leap over a pile of
rubble, their enormous maws ready to rend flesh from bone, and, by the looks
of them, armor from flesh!

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