[Taocow PBEM] Chapter VIII - The Portal And Beyond - CombatRound #1

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Wed Mar 29 23:08:01 PST 2006

While the party seems to have this under control, in
the not-so-distant distance can be heard the howls of
the rest of the D-wolves.
They seem to have gotten over the confusion that Kyle
had sowed. They make no attempt to be quiet now, and
are running at a full gait, and even the deafest, it
sounds like there is a lot of them.

OOC: Recap; D-wolf 1 still attacking Ted, D-wolf 2
still attacking Phaeton >but hit by Talas, D-wolf 3 is
no more, D-wolf 4 is picking itself up after >being
hit by Alex, D-wolf 5 is on fire from Rod's attack,
D-wolf 6 is no >more. 

"I don't think we can fight them all off. It's time to
go." Angelica turns and makes a run for it. 

[Lady Frost]

"Kids, she's got a point.  Finish with your toys and
bugger out.  I'll make sure the playground's clean."

Frost then attempts to block the approach of the new
wolves by making an ice wall as large and thick as she
can manage across the street.
As she does she calls out  "Grab the van and head for
McGuane Park.  We passed it on the way in."

<<OOC:  She'll use all 5 of her next attacks to form
the wall, attempting to cover as many ways to approach
as possible.>>
[/Lady Frost]

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