[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XII - Through The Looking Glass Once Again

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Bongo grins and nods to the Prince as he rises from his seat.  "After the gracious hospitality you have shown us, Your Majesty, I wouldn't dare refuse.  I look forward to seeing you shortly.  In the meantime, at the risk of sounding rude there are a couple of books we've acquired in our travels and I'm dying to crack them open."

As he turns away from the table, he reaches out telepathically to Alex's mind.  ~Alex, come meet me in my room.  I'm going to follow Bruth.~


Troy Imlach wrote:
> The Prince sits back, shaking his head.  Finally he
> turns back to the
> company.  "It seems the party is over." he says.  "I
> think I would like a
> word with you all, perhaps back in your quarters. 
> Say, perhaps, in half
> an hour, if you're all feeling up to it?"
> [/GM]
 Talas turns his attention from the mayor’s daughter to
 the Prince "It would be an honor Your Majesty."
 Talas then turns to the mayor’s daughter and says "And
 my dear, perhaps afterwards I can call on you, and you
 can show me your town night life".
lex nods in agreement

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