[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XV - The Demon's Minions

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> > > [GM]
> > > Despite Talas's healing of the taller man, he still seems too out of
> > > it to answer any questions.  The orc-man is shivering violently now,
> > > clearly in the early stages of hypothermia.  Still, he looks at the
> > > others, but particularly at Carlos, with hatred in his eyes.
> > >
> > > "Y-Y-Y-You'll p-pay, Sanchez." he says, his voice a chatter.  "You'll
> > > all p-p-p-pay.  J-j-ust like that g-g-g-girl."
> > >
> > > The taller man begins to moan.  "Quiet, Kreeg." he says.  "The master
> > > comes.  I hear his voice.  He comes... he comes..."
> > > [/GM]

> > [Ted]
> > "Delightful friends, Carlos," the lizard man whispered. He tried to get a
> > better idea of what kind of weapons the two carried.
> > [/Ted]

> [GM]
> It's difficult to say what the orc-man is carrying, as he's still encased in ice.
> The taller man has a knife and a Wilks energy pistol. Ted remembers that
> the man was carrying a staff that appeared to be made of living wood, with a
> greenish gem attached to it, which was blown out of his hands during the
> firefight, and which must be laying on the street that they just fled.
> [/GM]

> [Ted]
> Laying his charge on the ground, Ted turns to whomever is closest and says,
> "We seem to have forgotten something. I will be right back."
> [/Ted]

> [Koba]
> Koba turns his head as Ted rushes by and out the door. "Great, their master
> is coming and then he runs out the door alone. I'll have to keep an eye on
> him."
> With that Koba snaps on his helmet and slips out the door. He will try to
> keep an eye on Ted from the alley surrounding the square.
> [/Koba]

> [Carlos]
> As Ted runs off he mutters, "It seems we are always in the kitchen with too
> many cooks...".
> To the group, "Perhaps we should unthaw this guy before he turns
> totally to ice. I'd like to know a little more about master and why he
> has a special interest in me."
> [/Carlos]

> [Alex]
> Alex draws her pistol, "We have a problem," in a tone which brooks no doubt.
> [/Alex]

Bongo suddenly becomes quite alert as well.  "Yes we do.  And now
we're split up, and that makes it even more of a problem."

[Lady Frost]
Lady Frost nods in agreement, and the ice around the little orc-man
melts away.  Frost then hauls the man up by his soggy jacket.

"I suggest you start talking." she says coldly.
[/Lady Frost]

Just then there's a loud blast and a piece of the wall of the garage is blown
away. Out of the smoky dust walks the old innkeeper, Max Stein.  He is
dressed in ill-fitting body armor, with a rather large energy rifle of Triax
manufacture by the look of it.  His face is contorted in hatred and he aims the
rifle at the orc-man.

"Stand aside." he says.  "I'm here for justice. You would have questioned
these... these... butchers and turned them over to the King's men.  But it's
my blood on that street, my blood being carted away to be buried, and I'll
have my payment now!  So stand aside."


OOC: Just so everyone is clear, it's Ted and Koba that have ran out of
the building
and towards the street.

Ted runs at maximum speed, doing his best to prowl, and failing
miserably.  Some distance behind Koba follows.  The street ahead is
lit up with a number of military vehicles, some with spotlights
checking out all the buildings.

At the location of the battle itself no one has yet arrived, though
they are not more than a thirty seconds away.  After looking for a few
moments, Ted spots the staff, lying on the ground where the taller man
had been shot.  Behind him, Koba comes running up.

It seems likely that if they run out to retrieve the staff they will be spotted.

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