[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter XVII

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>> [GM]
>> ...
>> "I have gained information that suggests your company will be
>> instrumental in driving the Splugorth back and saving New Camelot. So
>> I am afraid I am left with the unhappy choice of keeping you here. I
>> will, of course, have to take possession of your leyline vessel,
>> though I shall see to it that you are reimbursed. Any who wish to join
>> me are free to, though loyalty will have to be proven."
>> "And before you think of killing me," the General says finally, "I
>> urge you to ponder that this facility has three thousand trained
>> soldiers. You might very well succeed in harming or killing me, but
>> they will avenge me efficiently. Perhaps you imagine kidnapping me,
>> and you can certainly try, but it will avail you little."
>> [/GM]

> [Oz]
> Oz's face has gone curiously blank, his expression a bland,
> unreadable mask. He nods courteously at the General. "I will not
> contest your control of our ship, General, if I can have your word
> the civilians aboard will be settled someplace suitable and my
> crew and soldiers will not be harmed. As the man who accepted
> their oaths in the name of King Arr'thu, I freely release any of the
> ship's crew or irregulars who wish to join your service. In point of
> fact, I am sure their loyalties to New Camelot are far from
> concrete. They will likely join your forces if given a fair chance."
> "There are, however, men and women who swore their oaths to
> New Camelot for love of country and abundance of filial duty.
> Soldiers who will not forswear their oaths. None here have
> wronged you, General, none have turned a weapon against you,
> and no one on my- now your- ship was present during the battle
> you mention. If we are to be imprisoned, sir, I ask that you
> make the conditions of my unit's imprisonment as generous as
> possible. If given the chance, I am certain any or all of them
> would be glad to stand beside your men to face the oncoming
> alien tide."
> "I, however, respectfully protest your decision. I would have
> been happy to fight beside you but I will not lay aside my oath.
> I will give you my parole but will not fight under you as a
> prisoner, sir."
> [/Oz]

The General nods. "Your protest is noted, Sir Osmar. I can assure you
that all civilian and military staff will be treated with respect, and
providing they abide by our rules and laws, no harsh measures will be
applied. I am a civilized man, Sir Osmar. Since you are there
commanding officer, I shall allow you to release them from their oaths
and duties, if they wish it."

The General sighs. "I wish there was another way, but while I am
certain I can trust you, Sir Osmar, I cannot trust New Camelot. I will
not allow the people who have entrusted me with command be betrayed

> [Alex]
> Alex bites her tongue to avoid saying something that might
> get them killed. She has faced some pretty long odds
> however and will not willingly be the captive soldier.
> Telepathically to Vesper, /Can you create a portal to
> somewhere that we can get out of here from./
> Thinking to her Dagger, /I need you to do a see aura to see
> if the General is psychic himself./ If he is not, she is going
> to listen in on his thoughts, looking for ways to get out of
> here otherwise.
> [/Alex]

The blade responds after a moment, "No significant psychic abilities.
Most of his latent abilities have been destroyed by the machine things
inside of him."

Alex extends her telepathic powers to read the General's surface
thoughts. The man's mind is as disciplined as his outward appearance.
His will is entirely focused on Oz, which does seem to support the
dagger's observation that the remnants of the General's latent psychic
abilities are focused on his mental discipline. The thoughts Alex can
detect are along the lines of ~What trick will they try? At least one
of them is a mage, and there are others with psychic powers. They must
be prevented from communicating with their comrades on the ship before
it can be secured.~

> [Vesper]
> Vesper nods slightly in answer to Alex.
> Telepathically ~She could feel he was thinking the exact
> same thing and is highly agitated like a animal in a cage.~
> [/Vesper]

> [Ted]
> OCC: If they won't let us leave, perhaps there is
> something we can learn/do to further our quest while
> in their custody...
> IC: Ted tries not to look disappointed that the general
> wants them to keep close.
> [/Ted]

"You may continue to use your quarters," the General continues. "Sir
Osmar, if you may remain behind, I shall accompany you so that you may
talk with your crew and the civilians aboard your ship. We shall make
this as orderly as possible."

A number of well armed soldiers come up, and Ted, Louissa, Vesper and
Alex are escorted back to their quarters. Before they enter, one of
the soldiers says "We have orders to confiscate all weapons, including
knives, laser cutters, conventional firearms and the like. If you
would please," he says, holding up a large box.


The General with several soldiers, leads Sir Oz back up to the
surface. The ley line ship is sealed tight, and Oz can see the
sergeant along with Jacek looking over the railing as about a hundred
heavily armed soldiers along with two missile launchers are aimed at
the ship.

Over the radio, Jacek communicates with Oz. "Sir Osmar, nod twice if
you have been taken prisoner. Nod three times if you wish us to effect
a rescue. Nod once if you wish to take take off immediately. The
Captain has informed me that the shields should be able to take a hit
from one of those mini-missiles."

Aaron Clausen
mightymartianca at gmail.com

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