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Welcome to Patty's Kafka page. Like every other page on the face of the earth, it is a work in progress, but, given the amount of Kafka texts in English available on the Web, I feel justified in saying that, as this stands, it's as worthy as anything out there.

As you may have gathered, this page was created in reaction to the (relative) WWW void that is Kafka. I noticed while reading one of the existing Kafka pages that the creators insisted that Kafka must be studied in the language it was written: German. I agree, but I don't speak German, and I should hope that interest in Kafka doesn't limit itself to people who do.

So to remedy this little problem for those of us who had the unhappy luck to take French while in high school, I present what is mostly a selection of Kafka's shorter pieces, published by Schocken Books as "Parables and Paradoxes" (with the exception of The Hunger Artist and selections from "Meditation"). (I'm sure that there are several copyrights, acknowledgements and whatnot that I should throw in here, but at the moment I am unaware of just what to put in. Suffice it to say that I am very, very grateful to Schocken, to whom all of this presumably belongs, and I'll spring for coffee and donuts if my thanks aren't enough.)

Of course, feedback is helpful, so email me with your flattery, complaints,suggestions, and/or requests for what selections I should type up next (though, at the moment, I have no idea when THAT will be)..

And now, the works:

Selections from "Meditation" (soon to develop into a separate page):
Other Works:

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