[svfig-open] Windows98/ME USB driver files

John A. Peters japeters at pacbell.net
Wed Dec 3 00:08:05 PST 2003

Ti's nice to see a poem before Christmas.

We have found that Googling for the error message is much better than a high
priced consultant since looking up the prolem on Google is what they do on
their computer while you are talking  to them.

Did you have luck yet.  The only trick to it is to use several search
strings till you find your answer.  It helps to include the work "problem"

Feel free to "quote" my message when you reply, so I am reminded of what I
send you that would elicit such a strange yet humorous poetry.  Have you
been associating with that famous man who signs his name as


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> On Tue, 2 Dec 2003, John A. Peters wrote:
>  Google for the files
>  Google for the error message
>  Do this on GoogleGroups not Google main page
>  John
> Thank you John,  for reminding me of a time when my father -a veteran
> of the First World War- held me in his arms and crooned this beautiful
> barracks melody:
>                     Barney Google with his
>                         Googly-Googly eyes
>                     Barney Google had a wife
>                         three times his size
>                     She sued Barney for Divorce
>                         Now he's sleeping
>                         With His Horse
>                     Barney Google with his
>                         Googly-Googly eyes
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>  > HELP!...
>  >
> -Byron-
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