[svfig-open] Windows98/ME USB driver files

Byron Nilsen bnilsen at tsoft.com
Wed Dec 3 18:41:48 PST 2003

On Wed, 3 Dec 2003, Kevin Appert wrote:

 There is no such thing as off-topic here at SVFIG-OPEN!!!

Give me a few minutes to think about this... How about Paris Hiltons
latest movie?... Or Michael Jacksons recent adventures?...  It is the
off-topic stuff that makes this a fascinating world.

 I have questions and several pieces of advice.  Please email directly with
 answers to questions if you prefer.  It's free advice, and perhaps worth
 what you paid for it.

 First the questions.
 Do you have other USB devices which DO work?(1)  (it doesn't mean that the
 camera SHOULD work, just an indication of what needs to be tested and/or fixed)
 What OS are you running( look in |Help|About )?(2)  WIN98 SE?(2.1)  Do you
 have the original distribution CD?(3)  Please note that it would be best to
 have the files that match your OS because there are frequently different

And the answers.

Yes, I have a Handspring (Palm OS) PDA that works fine in either socket of
my USB controller.

Resolving that Bill Gates has way too much of his own money and no need of
mine, I bought an old (1996?) PC from the Salvation Army with Windows98
already loaded.  It has a 100 MHz Pentium and 48 MB RAM.  Browsing plug-in
gadgets at Fry's and CompUSA I do get a little uncomfortable reading that
"minimum requirements" are often things like 360 MHz and 64 MB.  But I'm
willing to push this envelope.  I did upgrade(?) to Windows ME.  I have
the CD for the ME upgrade but not the original Windows98.  The ME CD does
not have the files I'm looking for.

   I can probably get the files when I know which OS you're running.

I would be ever in your debt.  The possible missing files are


Note however that this was the only clue I was given in my efforts to load
the software that came with the camera.  I am clutching at straws.  The
software did load albeit with mention of the missing *.SYS files and it
seems ready to play in every respect except that the USB interface just
sits there.  Frustrating!

 Advice 1) Try Alta Vista to search the web in addition to googling Usenet.

 Advice B) These are a couple of websites which address similiar problems

Try I will.  But I recently read that Alta Vista had subcontracted their
actual search engine to Google because of the very superior technology
involved.  Beats me.

 Advice III ) When in danger or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout.
       - Dr. Richard Ames,"The Cat Who Walks Through Walls" (by Robert Heinlein)


 Advice N where N is a large integer) I can probably get the files when I
 know which OS you're running

 Advice N + 1 ) If you can't resolve it after installing the files, please
 post to the regular SVFIG list.

  Would you consider discussing this briefly at the December FIG meeting?

Would that I could.  Some nasty surgery a couple of years ago left me
with a badly crippled mouth.  About all I can do these days is gurgle.

 At 08:00 PM 12/02/2003 -0800, you wrote:

THANKS!  I will explore the search paths you mentioned.


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