[Taocow PBEM] The Broken Mirror of the Past - Chapter I - Where Are We?

Aaron Clausen mightymartianca at alberni.net
Tue Oct 12 12:51:30 PDT 2004

> [GM]
> As Alex swims towards the ship, she sees Kyle's SAMAS flying far 
> above, and a figure dangling from the rope.  A fierce wave comes up
> and for a moment she is submerged.  When she resurfaces, she sees
> that the person on the rope has been swept off and is in the water.
> [/GM] 

> [Alex]
> Alex realizes that while she wants to try and save everyone else,
> she needs to look after herself and keeps swimming for the ship. Maybe
> if  she was a bit better swimmer, she might see if she can rescue
> them.  Just as she is about to give up hope, she does have an idea.
> While swimming, she uses Telepathy to sense the presense of the
> person in the water if she can.
> [/Alex]

Alex's telepathy acts almost like a homing beacon, pointing precisely
where the individual is, even with the high waves.

> [Arden]
> Arden swears, trying hard not to choke down sea-water. He starts
> swimming towards the rope, seeing if he can get the attention of
> anyone on the vessel he just fell from.
> [/Arden]

Arden sees a number of crew members rushing lowering a small boat as
quickly as they can, though the waves and the wind are making it

> [Alex]
> Then she attempts to swim to the location and radio to Kyle, "The
> person is right over here"
> [/Alex]

Alex closes in on the swimmer, and she catches a few words of what he's
saying, and they're curses!

> [Bongo]
> The dog boy coughs and sputters as he gets a second unwelcome mouthful
> of sea water.   "I think that's our cue to get out of here people --
> Osiris, see if you can cut Rod out of there!   Frost, can you whip up
> a chunk of ice large enough for us to get onto?"
> He holsters his pistol and helps anyone he can in getting out of the
> VTOL before getting himself out.
> [/Bongo]

> [Osiris]
> Giving his buddy a wink, Osiris while holding onto something solid
> moves to help Rod.
> [/Osiris]

> [Lady Frost]
> "I can do better than that.  A lot better.   And don't worry about
> Rod."  With a thought, the ice surrounding Rod's feet vanishes, only
> to reappear underneath the sinking VTOL in ever increasing amounts.
> "I get enough ice under this thing and she'll float."
> [/Lady Frost]

The VTOL begins to right itself, making standing and moving much easier.
The wind is still whipping it around, and seawater continues to crash
in, but there is a lot more buoyancy, thanks to what are effectively
ice pontoons.

> [Osiris]
> Afterwards he re-assesses their situation and determine what the next
> best course of action will be.  Slipping the face plate down, he
> engages the enviromental function on his body armor.  One can't be
> too careful in dangerous situations such as this one.
> [/Osiris]

> [Bongo]
> In spite of the situation, Bongo can't help but grin.  "And just when
> we  think you've run out of cool tricks there, Ms. Frost, you go and
> surprise us... if we get out of here, your first beer's on me."
> "Now... let's see if we can get this impromptu iceberg moving
> along..." he  quips as he looks around for inspiration.  "Wait, I've
> got it -- if Kyle's available, maybe he can tow us.  Can any of you
> see a lifeline or tow rope or something like that?"
> [/Bongo]

> [Rod Black]
> Rod mutters, "I need another board" he then surveys the situation.
> "But first thing's first" he draws upon the energy of the nexus and
> casts float on air on the VTOL, then on alex and arden and enyone
> else who may be helpless in the water.
> [/Rod Black]

Between Lady Frost's impromptu ice berg and Rod's magical flotation,
the VTOL rises and is secured against any more water entering.  The
tattooed man, who has been so far grim-faced and largely uncommunicative
looks suitably impressed.

"You are quite the team." he says, a wee bit of admiration leaking out.

In the water, would-be rescuer Alex and her would-be rescuee Arden find
themselves suddenly floating above the waves.  Then, pecularliarly, the
storm stops, as if someone had turned off the switch.  The clouds begin
to part, and the evening sun punches through.  Land, shimmering through
a golden mist, can be glimpsed in the distance.  Alex turns to look at
the person she was swimming towards, and it is quite obvious that it is
an elf!

Meanwhile, back in the VTOL, Bongo quickly spots a coil of rope, and in
short order Kyle is towing the VTOL towards the ship.  A tall, gangly
woman in a loose-fitting pilot's uniform comes out, a cut on her
forehead and eyes boiling in rage.

"Alright, we've saved your motherfraggin' asses, and the VTOL's probably
a write-off!" she says loudly and angrily.  She turns to the tattooed
man.  "I hope you think it's a decent trade, Phaeton.  These people
crossing over was your dream, and steering towards that nexus was
*your* idea."

"I dreamed what I dreamed, Beverly." the tattooed man replies.  "My
goddess would not lie."

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