[Taocow PBEM] The Broken Mirror of the Past - Chapter I - Where Are We?

Aaron Clausen mightymartianca at alberni.net
Mon Oct 18 13:11:50 PDT 2004

> [Alex]
> Alex replies, "I think it might be nice to ask one of our rescuers
> where are we." She walks up to one of the ship's crew and asks,
> "Thank you for rescuing us, do you know where 'here' is?"
> [/Alex]

> [Arden]
> He chuckles a bit at that. "I really have NO idea where I am. Perhaps
> it is best if we ask where we really are. Let's go find out." He holds
> out his hand to assist Alex in standing. With a nod, he starts walking
> towards the 'rescuers'.
> [/Arden]

One of the men in the lifeboat gives Alex and Arden a funny look.  "Ye
is in the Sea o' Ireland, ma'am and sir, about ten miles of the coast,
though wouldna know it from the mists."

Another man, short stocky fwllow who, when he turns towards Arden and
Alex, is clearly a dwarf, replies.  "MacIsaac, ye's a silly fuidir, or
as we call it, nkronzibur.  These folks just came through a rift, and
where won't cut it any more than tea cuts butter.  Well m'lady, the
date in the post-apocalyptic (and if you don't know what that, it'll be a
long conversation) is July 19, 80."

[OOC: For Alex, Rod, Kyle, Bongo, Lady Frost and Osiris, the last known date
was January 15, 100 PA.]

> [Kyle]
> Sweeping low over the water Kyle takes a wide sweep of the area, taking
> care to study anything in the water as well as our rescuers.
> [/Kyle]

The rescuers appear to be a merchant group, not a military one, though it's
pretty obvious that there are some mercenaries here as well, probably hired
to guard the ship against pirates.  The ship itself claims to hail from
Lazlo, and clearly looks like it has seen some action in its long days.  The
ship is well defended by several large guns, as well as two not-so-visible
missile launchers.

As Kyle finishes up his observations, the VTOL and the lifeboat finally
nudge up to the ship.  Ladders are thrown down.  The tattooed man turns to
Lady Frost.  "The skipper will want to talk to *you*.  The others may came
as they choose."  With that he leaps up and catches the ladder, climbing
with the agility of a spider on its web.

> [Kyle]
> With that Kyle ends over and moves in to land next to Alex. Then turns to
> Arden "Thanks for the helf friend, so where can I get a shower and a
> drink?"
> [/Kyle]

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