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Troy Imlach wrote:

>Talas moves next to Alex and whispers "Lady Alex you have faced these creatures before. Tell me are they of Supernatural stuff, or are they as soft as mortals?
>- If the creatures are soft as mortals (SDC) then Talas calls lightning down on the creatures head in order to kill it.
>-If the creature is of supernatural stuff (MDC) or of very, very high (SDC) then Talas will call lightning on the creatures sword hand, in order to make the creature drop the sword.
>Talas will then charge them. Hoping that his horror factor of 14 will cause the creatures to become indecisive as to run of fight. To help scare off the creature Talas cries out "I am Talas Leaf-Blade, Demon Queller of Holly Tibet, Bane of the Nine Hells, Slayer of ....” (The 'Slayer of...' is a list of the name of every Demon and supernatural creature that he has killed.)
The slim wilderness scout turns back to Lady Frost, "Are you sure this 
is what you want to do." She keeps scanning carefully those surounding 
them with her rifle ready to fire although held slightly upward. A 
soldier does not abandon her comrades.

After a moment, she turns back to Talas, "They are pretty tough (ooc: 
Aeron please correct me if wrong.) If there is any way we might talk our 
way out of this while keep Frost safe, it would be smarter than throwing 
ourselves against them with no effect.

With seeing Talas charging, she takes a quick look around to see if she 
can find a safe place to fire from concealment. That is her job after 
all, to provide support for her comrades not as a direct combatant.

occ: Who is in body armor and not in armor

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