[Taocow PBEM] Chapter IX - The King Of The River

Alex Bayne hayden.bayne at gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 03:41:06 GMT 2007

> [GM]
> As Bongo and Alex are talking, the door of the shop opens to reveal a
> stunningly beautiful Elf woman.  She is an extremely beautiful elf, a
> bit on the short side at 6 feet tall.  Her skin is extremely pale, but
> her face is full of soft and lovely curves and angles, and she looks
> more or less like a china doll.  Her nose is slightly upturned, and
> her eyes are large and a shiny green.  A tentacled tattoo can be seen
> creeping up her neck, ending just behind her right ear.
> Ugul turns away from Ted and Osiris and bows.  "Lady Sialillion.  How
> good of you to grace my humble establishment.  How may I help you?"
> [/GM]

"Greetings Ugul, it is a pleasure as always.  However, my business  
today is not with you, but with these travellers."  The woman elf's  
voice is quiet and lyrical, and her tone has a calming and meditative  
quality.  She speaks American with a charming Elven accent.

Sialillion's appearance is rather striking and ominous at the moment,  
as not only is she covered in a long black cloak neck to toe with a  
hood covering her head and obscuring her eyes, but she also has a  
raven perched on her shoulder.  Without so much as a caw, the bird  
flies into the shop and sets down on a high beam.  Then Sialillion  
follows the crow inside, pulling back her cloak hood as she does so.   
Her long coal black hair is done up and back with pins, and ringlets  
fall down around her face and shoulders, framing her face prettily.    
Her ears come to a delicate point at a slight angle away from her  
face, and her eyes shimmer sea green in the light. Despite her  
somewhat unnerving entrance, she really is a very beautiful woman.

"I am Sialillion, an emissary of the King.   I know of you, and your  
plans.  It is necessary that we speak privately."

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