[Taocow PBEM] Chapter IX - The King Of The River

Kitsune kitsunefx at netzero.net
Thu Oct 25 16:28:26 BST 2007

Paul Groeneveld wrote:
> [Alister]
> "I was sure I covered this during introductions. I am
> a technowizard. so probably yes. so long as i have a
> supply of gems asorted wiring, asorted electronics and
> other gadgeets"
> [/Alister]
"Sorry but if you knew what I have been through, you would be distracted 
as well," Alex closes her eyes for a moment and shakes her head.

The ranger looks back up at him, "If you can help with such an 
enchantment on my armor, I would be grateful."

some who do not understand mystery speak of things which they do not 
understand, but they will boast that the mystery of the truth belongs 
to them alone.
- Gnostic Saying

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