[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVII - On The Border Of Doom

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> > > [Carlos]
> > > After digging in to the meal, Carlos asks, "How did you know we where coming?
> > > Any visions?"
> > > [/Carlos]

> > [Alister]
> > Alister joins Carlos, and cuts off a nice piece of pork, seemingly
> > unfazed by any of it.
> > [/Alister]

> > [GM]
> > Om looks at Carlos a little puzzled.  "If you mean I saw someone who told me,
> > yes, I guess so.  The birds and beasts of this forest are my friends, and I know
> > their secret tongues.  They told me that a company was coming south.  I already
> > knew from my contacts to the North that there were strangers in the Kingdom,
> > and the name Rath-Iren had been mentioned."
> >
> > For a moment Om's eyes look downward, and an expression of deep sadness
> > comes across his face.  "I was there at the last of the ancient battles between
> > the Primordials, when the K'murd-faka were called from their realms
> > in Hades, and given power far beyond their stature.  I was there when the Lady
> > cast the Chaos Primordials into the Outer Darkness and destroyed their filthy
> > minions, and she uttered the prophecy that one of the K'murd-Faka would rise
> > again and would seek a world of great power and their tip the delicate balances
> > that permit the existence of the Megaverse as a fortress against the ocean of
> > chaos that lies without it."
> >
> > Om looks up again and smiles.  "But that is a sad story.  And though the
> > Megaverse grows dark again, there's hope, for I think (though I cannot know
> > for certain) that you are the fulfilers of the Prophecy of the Lady."
> > [/GM]

> [Carlos]
> "Thank you for your hospitality. I'm not sure why you thought we were
> the fulfillers of this prophecy. How were you to know that we are going to
> Rath-Iren? In fact we are - can you help us get there as fast as possible?"
> [/Carlos]

Om smiles.  "I confess I do have a little intelligence into the goings-on of
Poughkeepsie." he says.  "I'd cause quite a stir if I were to show up in the
Palace myself, but there are a few priests out there who know of me, and
believe it their duty to keep me up on the news.  I also have... other ways,
but I don't wish to get into them."

Om considers Carlos's other questions for a moment.  "If I had one of our
great battle cruisers, I could get you there in by the time your could finish
your meal.  Now, all I can do is tell you the safest route.  I'd go with you,
but, alas, I can't imagine leaving my home."

> [Alex]
> The coalition scout munches on her dinner and listens to what is being talked
> about.  After a bit she asks, "I am curious if you might be able to tell me about
> the wilderness around here. My wilderness skills were trained mostly far to the
> south of here."
> [/Alex]

"Yes, I do, my good lady." Om replies.  "The highlands are mainly oaks, maples,
chestnut and other such trees, though stands of trees alien to your world can be
found.  Along the ocean are vast swamps with cypresses and other such trees,
as well as scorpion trees and other such things that you would be well to avoid.
Stick to the higher lands, away from the swamps.  Many deadly creatures can be
found there."

> [Owen]
> "Forgive my ignorance, but what can we do to quickly fulfill this prophecy?  I
> think the sooner we accomplish that, the better."
> [/Owen]

Om shakes his head.  "I can't tell you, because I do not know.  The prophecy
doesn't give instructions.  That's what I find so infuriating about
them.  Still,
it seems clear you are to confront the K'murd-faka, that he seeks to restore
Rath-iren as his seat of power, and that he seems to desire to raise again the
darkest Primordials, though how, I cannot say."

> [Talas]
> Talas finds a spot at the table were he can clearly see the tree man, and then
> proceeds to remove the equipment mounted on his back, sits down and helps
> himself to some of the food on the table. He also opens one of the bottles on
> the table, and smells the contents to see if it is alcohol or not.

Talas smells the alcohol and recognizes it vaguely as a potent Dwarfish alcohol
made from some sort of root.

> [Talas
> Talas pours himself a drink. Talas also checks to make sure that his newest
> charge is not too overwhelmed by all of this.  Once he is certain the she is fine.
> Talas will turn to their host and ask "If I may ask. How strong are the forces that
> this demon has managed to gather? And more importantly can you tell us how
> well is he guarded?"
> [Talas]

Whatever shock Lady Louissa has suffered seems to have given away to her hunger.
She's racing Alister on the amount of food she can eat.

"His forces are great enough to conquer Poughkeepsie." Om replies.  "I
would figure
that he has 20,000 men, Orcs, trolls, magicians and other creatures.  His foul
agents have even hired mercenaries, though it takes a heart black with
greed indeed
to work for such as a demon.  But I know that he has seized some sort
of a pyramid
south of the ancient land known as Newjerzee, apparently a former
Splugorth complex,
and I have no doubt that if he is seeking to open rifts to places
where he can find
more potent enemies.  Poughkeepsie is merely a sideshow for such a being as a

Alister looks up from his food.  "Say, maybe you can help us.  We have
an injured
Cyberknight.  Do you know anything of healing."

Om looks over at the Cyberknight, walks over and looks over him.  "He is old and
has been injured, but his coma, I do not know."  He looks to the company.  "May
I take a closer look?"

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