[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVII - On The Border Of Doom

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“The nutshell version is this:  I stopped for the night in New Marlboro.  As I slept, I had a series of dreams that seem to be related,” replies Owen.
“In one dream I saw a party of adventurers moving through the ruins of some ravaged city, pursued by the Coalition, and by a terrible pale-skinned man with glowing red eyes. I assume you all were that party, since I know that you,” (pointing at the lizard man), “were with that party.”
“I also saw a vision, of a small island on the Hudson River.  The ley lines of the region suddenly bent and moved towards the island.  This was followed by a woman’s voice that told me to find the ancient bunker near hear, and to await my companions.  If you are my companions, I need to go with you.”
“As for how I got in here, I let myself in.  There was a guard here as I approached the bunker, but he bravely ran away in the face of the destruction caused by the movement of the ley lines, and didn’t have the time to spend conversing with me.”
“Whoever directed me here had told me one other item of import that I feel I must relate:  She says we must get across the bridge before it falls, or all is lost.”
[/Owen]> [Alister]> "I'm thinking if he's looking for us, we need to question him." Alister says.> "Maybe his story's the same as mine, or maybe Koba's. We seem to be> here for a reason, that's for sure."> [/Alister] 
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