[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVII - On The Border Of Doom

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"What if..." Sialillion muses to herself.  "Under normal circumstances, I'd
say we should leave Osiris to heal, as carting around a comatose Cyberknight
can only slow us down.  And that girl, Louissa... while I admire her spirit,
she has little business accompanying us to Rath-Iren.  But these are far
from normal circumstances, and there seem to be strange tendrils of fate and
prophecy guiding us on our way.  How else can one explain the ley lines
bending?  What if whatever happened to Osiris back at that tomb might prove
to be important in defeating the Reaver?  And what if Louissa was somehow
meant to be with us while we cross the last bridge?"

Her brow is furled in deep thought.

"I think we may need to bring Osiris along.  The girl as far as I know is
simply lovestruck, chasing my Kindred like a loyal puppy," she says with a
wry smile towards Talas.  "If she had seen one of these depressingly common
'visions' I might think otherwise, but she's a liability.  No need for
subterfuge.  We get Osiris, explain to her she can't accompany us, and I'll
have the guards here detain her if necessary."

She meets eyes with each member of the party. "I am but one voice amongst
many," she says with a shrug.  "What do you all think?"

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> > > [Amanda Connors]
> > > "He's back at the boat." Amanda says.  "So, are we going to head out
> > > without Osiris and that girl?"
> > > [/Amanda Connors]
> > [Ted]
> > "We might as well. Louissa can keep him company and it will provide
> > good motivation for Talas to come back."
> > [/Ted]
> [Amanda Connors]
> "I'm just not sure Osiris would ever forgive us for leaving him." Amanda
> says.
> [/Amanda Connors]
> > [Owen]
> > "I may be able to help the injured a little, if you show me the way."
> > [/Owen]
> [Amanda Connors]
> "What do you think?" Amanda says to the others.  "But if we go back,
> we're either going to have to take that crazy girl with us, or knock her
> on the head so she can't follow."
>  [/Amanda Connors]
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